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We travel responsibly,
we stay safe.

Our aim is safety of all!

Continuous disinfection procedures, both in the public areas as well as the fleet of our bus.

KTEL of Pieria S.A.

KTEL of Pieria Bus Company begins its journey through time in the early 1950s. The vision of the first shareholders of the Bus Company of Pieria was to organize a business that would serve the passengers of Pieria. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of kilometres have been covered safely and many generations have moved to all destinations in our prefecture and throughout the Greek territory.

The Intercity BUS N. Pieria today is one of the largest and more healthy companies in the country. Has 110 shareholders and a state of the art fleet of 59 buses, most of which have been purchased in the last five years.

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Υπεραστικό ΚΤΕΛ ΠΙΕΡΙΑΣ Α.Ε.
Υπεραστικό ΚΤΕΛ ΠΙΕΡΙΑΣ Α.Ε.

Green Bus Travel

The Official Tourist Office of the KTEL PIERIA S.A.

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